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Practical information

Standard of hotels

The description of the presented hotels utilizes the category system in force in the given country. We inform that each country utilizes its individual criteria of awarding a specific category (stars, keys, letter categories). At the same time, we inform that we specify our subjective evaluation of the hotel’s standard both at and on the travel documents; a brighter star means a category overrated or underrated as compared to the official category, about which we also inform in the hotel's description included in the catalog constituting an integral part of the agreement.

Hotel day

A hotel day, and therefore hotel benefits (e.g. board), in hotels and apartments ends at 10.00, and begins at 14.00-15.00. In the case of return flights to the country taking place after the last hotel day is finished, rooms should be left until 10.00 on the check-out date. Usually, the Guests have at their disposal a luggage storage room. In the case of night arrivals to the country of destination, taking place the following day after the date on which the hotel benefits begin, stated on the travel document under the heading "DATE", you are accommodated in the hotel upon arrival – which means that the hotel day is calculated from 14.00-15.00 on the day stated on the travel document under the heading "DATE". Commencement of all inclusive benefits takes place after check-in in the hotel, on condition that the first hotel day has already begun, and ends at check-out, however, no later than the end of the last hotel day. In the case of ship cruises, embarkation begins at 13:00 on the date of commencement of the cruise. Cabins should be left by 9:00 on the date of completion of the cruise.

Supervision by a courier

Participants of coach groups are under the supervision of a courier during the tour, and under the care of a resident during the stay (holidays and cruises). The courier/resident will not always live in the same hotel as the participants. During a cruise, the resident is on the same ship as cruise participants. The courier/resident is a competent representative of ITAKA Travel Agency. When a group arrives, the resident informs about the times and place of duty. His/her tasks include assisting with arrivals, departures, during the stay, embarking on the ship, as well as signing people up for local trips.

Local trips

Tourists have an opportunity to take part in optional local trips that are paid for on site. Trips to interesting tourist sites, often not far from the place of the stay, are a pleasant way to add variety to one’s holidays. Customers participating in optional trips shall not receive a refund for the hotel room, shop cabin or meals unused during such time. Local trips are organized by local tourist agencies on terms specified by them. There is a possibility that, if there are too few participants, a trip may be canceled.


Each participant traveling outside the European Union must possess a valid passport (a minimum of 6 months after the date of return to Poland). ITAKA TRAVEL AGENCY is not liable towards persons who will not be allowed across the border due to reasons beyond the control of the agency. Foreigners shall handle visa formalities on their own. In the event of a trip to a country that requires visas, Customers are obligated to submit original documentation to ITAKA Travel Agency sufficiently in advance to receive a visa. For traveling to EU countries, a personal identity card or passport is required.

Air conditioning

A hotel is fitted with air-conditioning only when this is expressly specified in the description of the hotel and the room. The same applies to ship cruises. In many cases, these devices are operated centrally and are periodically activated/deactivated at the discretion of the hotel’s/ship’s owner. Individually controlled air-conditioning works when the Customer is in the room and turns it on using a special magnetic card. The card is available at the reception desk and is issued upon check-in. In family rooms, air-conditioning is in one room.


For flight events, the customer can take carry-on baggage up to 5 kg (with dimensions not exceeding 55 x 20 x 40 cm) and 1 piece of check-in baggage weighing from 15 to 20 kg (depending on the airline). For ship cruises, a customer may take check-in baggage (with dimensions not exceeding 75 x 58 x 23 cm) and carry-on baggage (with dimensions not exceeding 55 x 20 x 40 cm). Each excess baggage is subject to additional charges according to the tariff applicable for the carrier, which is available at your dealer’s. This applies, e.g. to equipment for surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, folded bike, golf equipment or diving equipment - tanks must be empty. Transportation of this type of equipment during airport - hotel - airport transfer may also require an additional fee, as they often require the use of special modes of transport. Transportation of additional equipment must be reported by the customer by e-mail no later than 3 workdays prior to departure to: along with the reservation number, customer name, and the equipment’s weight. Then the customer will be informed about any additional cost of the transport of equipment during transfer at the destination. In the case of events with typical ski transport, the transport of ski and snowboard equipment (pair of skis and boots or snowboard per person bag required) up to 10 kg/person on charter flights is free. It is possible to accumulate ski baggage (several pieces of equipment into one container). For coach events the amount of baggage per person is limited to one suitcase or travel bag (max. 15 kg) and a small baggage. Surcharges for excess baggage in coaches is not possible - in this case, the driver will refuse taking extra suitcases or bags. It is recommended that the baggage placed into the coach baggage hold be labeled in a manner that allows owners to identify it.

Travelling of the handicapped

Handicapped persons who are on wheelchairs are transported via airplane at no extra charge (for the wheelchair too). Wheelchairs are transported as checked baggage and can be given to ground staff just before boarding the plane. Batteries from battery-electric wheelchairs must be disconnected for the duration of the flight.
For safety reasons, airlines must be informed of the travel of handicapped persons (wheelchair, blind, deaf and dumb) 3 days prior to the date of departure. A trip of such a person should be reported to your dealer or to the address with the booking number and full name.
The carriage of persons in a wheelchair during the airport–hotel–airport transfer generally requires the use of special means of transport, and may be associated with an extra charge, so a customer traveling in a wheelchair, wishing to use the transfer, must report this to the dealer or to the address no later than 3 working days before the departure date. Then the customer will be informed about any additional cost of such transport.

Remarks (apply to the entire offer)

  1. The price for participation of children under 2 years old in events realized by charter plane is 149 PLN/person. Children up to 2 years old in charter flights are not entitled to separate luggage, unless the Conditions of Carriage for Passengers and Luggage of the given airline state otherwise. The Conditions of Carriage for Passengers and Luggage are available on
  2. The prices specified in the catalogue do not include entry fees to visited sites, drinks with lunch-dinners or luggage insurance. The discount price for children apply when they are accommodated with at least two adults.
  3. ITAKA ITAKA shall strive to maintain the planned order of the programme, if provided; however, changes can be caused by extraordinary circumstances, impossible to predict or avoid, or justified by concerns about the safety of participants.
  4. The photos of rooms presented in the catalogue are example photos. This means that not every room at the hotel or on the ship looks the same as the one presented in the photo in the catalogue.
  5. ITAKA Travel Agency is not liable for delays caused by force majeure or by the behavior of third parties who do not participate in the performance of the contract, that were impossible to predict or avoid.
  6. The hours specified for serving meals and functioning of particular elements of hotel or ship infrastructure may be subject to minor changes due to seasonality, weather conditions, requests of Guests or force majeure, on which the hotelier or ship owner have no influence.
  7. The fee for local guides depends on the number of participants and has been calculated for groups of at least 20 people in the case of airplane tours and for groups of at least 35 people in the case of bus tours. If the number of participants differs from those mentioned above, the fee may vary in proportion to the number of participants.
  8. Luggage limits on internal flights included in the programmes of tours may be lower than the luggage limits on flights to and from destinations. Information about the permissible luggage weight will be provided no later than 3 days before departure in the customer’s area on
  9. During some of the tour Customers use the Tour Guide system. It is a system that facilitates sightseeing, using wireless connections. Participants receive individual receivers, and guides and pilots communicate information using a microphone connected to the transmitter. Detailed information on using the receiver is provided by the pilot on the first day of the trip. Information about whether the tour is supported by the Tour Guide system is located in the comments in the tour description on
  10. The catalogue was compiled based on data as of 15-Sep-17.

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