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Gdzie na wakacje?

  • fascinating country full of contrasts, shrouded in a bit of mystery
  • monuments of architecture
  • Mediterranean climate, friendly and hospitable inhabitants
  • wonderful landscapes, pristine nature still in many places
  • delicious cooking
Bosnia and Hercegovina
  • extraordinary mix of cultures
  • Sarajevo - "Little Jerusalem"
  • sun-drenched vineyards
  • Adriatic beaches
  • green valleys and mountains
  • stormy and interesting history
  • tasty, local cuisine
  • friendly locals
Cape Verde Islands
  • turquoise sea and endless beaches on Sal island
  • one of the best places in the world for windsurfing and kitesurfing
  • original music - morna and excellent cooking
  • exotic landscapes and wonderful weather
  • stunning beaches, lush tropical forests and volcanoes
  • suspension bridges and the Monteverde forest
  • famous national parks
  • coffee, bananas and pineapples plantations
  • quetzals - the most colorful tropical birds
  • San José considered the most beautiful capital of Central America
  • crystal clear sea, unspoilt nature and wonderful scenery
  • richness of countless monuments and unique Balkan climate
  • Dubrovnik - the pearl of the Adriatic and Korcula - the Marco Polo Island - delicious cuisine and wine
  • white Caribbean beaches and beautiful coral islets
  • smiling inhabitants dancing to the rhythm of salsa
  • vibrant Havana with a unique atmosphere
  • world class UNESCO-listed monuments
  • the best cigars famous all over the world
  • egzotyczna wyspa na Karaibach
  • idealne warunki do nurkowania
  • świetny klimat przez cały rok
  • piękne Willemstad do zwiedzania
  • ojczyzna słynnego likieru Curaçao
  • the divine island of Aphrodite
  • sun, beaches, warm sea
  • beautiful weather all year round
  • paradise for wind and kitesurfers
  • climatic restaurants with excellent food
Czech Republic
  • original architecture, castles and palaces
  • famous spas, health and beauty treatments
  • bicycle paths and walkways
  • excellent beer and local cuisine
  • many sports attractions
  • access by car
  • all inclusive hotels only
  • long, sandy beaches
  • amazing coral reefs
  • the kingdom of pharaohs and mysterious pyramids
  • Supra – a Georgian feast
  • wine from the endemic grafts of grapes
  • hospitality that surprises
  • "Batumi, ech Batumi" – the Polish song and the most famous resort of the coast
  • beautiful, green surroundings, wonderful climate

Świat dowiedział się o rajskich plażach Goa w latach 60., kiedy masowo przyjeżdżali tu hipisi w poszukiwaniu nieskażonego piękna i wolności. Bajkowe plaże, inspirujące egzotyczne widoki z palmami pochylonymi nad morzem, intensywnie czerwone zachody słońca i autentyczny wakacyjny nastrój w otoczeniu niespotykanie malowniczej przyrody teraz zachwycają turystów z całego świata.


Egzotyka krajobrazu, czerwone góry przeglądające się w ciepłym morzu, rewelacyjny wybór hoteli światowej klasy, znakomite warunki do nurkowania i wiele rozrywek dla rodzin z dziećmi. To tylko wstęp do atrakcji, jakimi kusi ten słoneczny kurort – turystyczny raj i oaza beztroskich wakacji. Shalom!

  • sandy beaches
  • famous resorts
  • excellent cuisine with pizza and spaghetti, delicious wine and great coffee
  • numerous monuments and magnificent architecture
  • great fun guaranteed

Morze, piasek i słońce. Wspaniały podmorski świat i przygody na pustyni. Luksusowe hotele i bezcłowe zakupy. Atrakcji z pewnością wystarczy dla wszystkich, którzy wybiorą się na wakacje do tajemniczego królestwa Jordanii. Ahlan Wa Sahlan!

  • white, sandy, fairytale beaches
  • crystal-clear water of the Indian Ocean
  • the land of lemurs and huge baobabs
  • plantations of vanilla, savanna and sandy coasts with coral reef
  • plants and animals that cannot be found anywhere else in the world
  • called the "garden of the Atlantic"
  • levadas in the laurel forests of Laurissilva
  • unique nature and hundreds of kilometers of walking trails
  • tropical fruit, vegetables and tasty local cuisine
  • unique Madeira wine, ponchos, evenings with fado and the Flower Festival
  • spectacular view from the second largest cliff of Europe
  • the most beautiful beaches in the world
  • a true tropical paradise without the commercialism and crowds
  • one island - one hotel
  • luxury holiday
  • picturesque landscapes

Państwo złożone z trzech wysp: Malty, Gozo i Comino, położonych na Morzu Śródziemnym w najwęższym miejscu pomiedzy Europą i Afryką.

  • stunning coast of the Caribbean Sea with long, white beaches and turquoise water
  • impressive buildings of the mysterious Aztec and Mayan cultures
  • world-famous, aromatic cuisine and the best class of tequila
  • spectacular fiestas, traditional mariachi music
  • the third largest metropolis in the world - Mexico City
  • beautiful landscapes of the mountains descending directly to the sea - the longest beach in the Balkans
  • the still wild and unique nature
  • the picturesque Tary Canyon
  • gorica, monuments and pelicans
  • exoticism just 14 km away from Europe
  • golden beaches of Agadir and majestic landscapes of the gór Atlas Mountains
  • Essaouira - the Mecca of – wind and kitesurfers
  • magic of colors, fragrances and oriental flavors
  • mysterious caves and snake charmers
  • the hypnotizing Marrakesh
North Macedonia
  • magnificent nature, colorful culture and Balkan hospitality
  • Ohrid with its magnificent Orthodox church on a cliff
  • Lake Ohrid - the Macedonian "sea"
  • Skopje - a blend of orient and modernity
  • a paradise for enthusiasts of hiking, water sports and paragliding
  • local delicacies: tavce gravce and trileche
  • close to 3000 km of fabulous sandy beaches
  • coral reef full of life, ideal conditions for watersports
  • exotic, varied landscapes, mysterious desert and green oases
  • Oriental architecture, Arab culture and rich tradition
  • UNESCO-listed monuments
  • long sandy beaches on the Pacific coast
  • magnificent nature, exotic toucans and hummingbirds
  • the famous Panama Canal - one of the largest "shortcuts" of the world
  • colourful, hand-embroidered molas
  • traditional rituals and lifestyle of Indians
  • developed hotel infrastructure
  • 300 sunny days a year
  • wonderful beaches of Algarve
  • fresh fish and seafood prepared in countless ways
  • Porto, fado and azulejos
  • Lisbon, Sintra and Fatima
  • long, sandy beaches
  • cities teeming-with-life day and night
  • wine, flamenco and tapas
  • architectural jewels in the cities of Gaudi, Dali and Picasso
Spain (ski)
  • skiing terrains Sierra Nevada and La Molina
  • modern complexes, well-prepared ski runs, snow parks
  • sunny slopes, beautiful landscapes
  • Granada – the pearl of Andalusia
  • excellent, Spanish cooking
Sri Lanka
  • plantations of the famous Ceylon tea and cinnamon
  • golden beaches and lush, tropical vegetation
  • Kandy with the wonderful Buddhist temple
  • elephant orphanage in Pinnawala and the colonial buildings of Galle
  • dreamlike landscapes, beautiful white beaches and towering mogotes immersed in the azure sea
  • Thai cuisine surprising with diversity
  • fascinating monuments, Buddhist temples
  • excellent conditions for rock climbing and watersports
  • always hospitable and smiling inhabitants
  • broad all inclusive offer
  • beautiful beaches, excellent climate and weather
  • hotels ideal for family holidays
  • intense nightlife in bars and discos
  • famous Pamukkale, Cappadocia and Istanbul
United Arab Emirates
  • beautiful, sandy beaches that stretch out for many kilometers
  • futuristic buildings and the tallest building in the world
  • huge shopping centres with countless shops
  • golden sands of the desert and atmosphere like from the "Tales of 1001 Nights"
  • elegant and luxurious hotels
United States of America
  • Miami – American dream come true
  • the world's most famous beaches
  • visa-free holidays in the U.S.
  • zatoka Ha Long - jeden z najpiękniejszych cudów natury
  • turkusowa woda, cudowne piaszczyste plaże i dziewicza przyrodą
  • fantastyczne wapienne wyspy, pływające targowiska i pola ryżowe w delcie Mekongu
  • white beaches with sand as soft as powder
  • Spice Island with an aroma of cloves, cinnamon and pepper
  • emerald ocean waters concealing colourful coral reefs
  • mix of cultures in Stone Town - a city full of mystery
  • wonderful climate and hospitable residents