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In brief

  • white Caribbean beaches and beautiful coral islets
  • smiling inhabitants dancing to the rhythm of salsa
  • vibrant Havana with a unique atmosphere
  • world class UNESCO-listed monuments
  • the best cigars famous all over the world

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Holidays (25) Hotel + hotel (3)
Cayo Coco from 1 005gbp
  • phenomenal beaches with fine, light sand
  • a tourist resort with a developed hotel infrastructure
  • beautiful nature, dune coast and coral reef
  • holiday climate in the rhythm of Cuban salsa
  • vibrant with the unique atmosphere of Havana
  • the world-famous rum and cigars
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Cayo Santa Maria from 984gbp
  • white Caribbean beaches and beautiful coral islands
  • smiling residents, dancing to the rhythm of salsa
  • Havana's unique atmosphere
  • world-class UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • the world-famous cigars and rum
  • a country where revolutionary slogans are still alive
  • Buena Vista Social Club – live in Havana
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Hawana from 1 201gbp

Havana - the capital of rum, cigars and salsa. A visit to Havana, just a few hours' drive from the Caribbean resorts of Cayo Coco and Santa Clara, is an amazing opportunity to experience the revolutionary Cuba and... a real feast for the senses. Founded in 1515, it quickly became a popular trading port and "the key to the new world". Called "Paris of the Antilles", it was the favorite destination of American magnates and one of the first locations of the exclusive Hilton Hotel line. World stars such as Frank Sinatra, Marlena Dietrich and of course Ernest Hemingway kept coming back to Havana. Today it attracts tourists from all over the world with its unique atmosphere, sensual music and aromatic cuisine - which is sweet and spicy. This city is best served along with a glass of Havana Club rum! ¡Por Cuba libre!

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