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Booking step by step

Step by step reservation

Have you found your dream holiday? Make a reservation via the Internet! Quickly, safely, without having to leave the house. See how easy it is!
When you click on the "Reserve" button (found with every offer), you'll find yourself in a Secure Reservation Process. In each step of this process you will receive information on what to do.

Step 1 - Provide details of participants

Here, enter the names, surnames and dates of birth of all participants of the tourist event being reserved.

Remember! On the right you will find information on the selected offer and detailed information concerning the price.

Step 2 - Details of the reserver

Now provide the details of the person reserving the holiday - name, surname, address, post code, city, contact telephone number and e-mail.

Step 3 - Summary of details

Here, you will see the information on the selected holiday and details of participants and the reserver. Check if everything is in order. If so, confirm and go to the next step.

Remember! You can edit the data entered.

Step 4 - Payment and additional services

Here, you can reserve additional services like parking at the airport or additional guarantees. You can also decide on an upgraded insurance.
Confirm reading the Terms of Participation and Terms of Insurance (you can also subscribe to a newsletter to receive the best holiday offers to your e-mail inbox) and RESERVE YOUR HOLIDAYS!

You will receive a confirmation of the reservation, along with its number, documents to download (available also in the Customer's Zone - The confirmation of the reservation will be sent to your e-mail.

Remember! After making the payment within the indicated period, send confirmation to the address The lack of payment will result in the reservation being cancelled.