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Loyalty program

We invite you to participate in the loyalty programme Journey Come True!

Program Lojalnościowy

Every trip with Itaka is rewarded with special points that you can collect by travelling with us in following years.

For every 100 PLN you receive 1 point.

Detailed information:


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New products


Onboard Biz Paris suitcase (550 points) - created not only for a trip to Paris! Lightweight and durable construction made of polycarbonate, on 2 wheels.

Orange on-board suitcase (450 points) - practical, made of carbon, on 4 wheels.

Graphite on-board suitcase (450 points) - practical, made of carbon, on 4 wheels.

Yellow on-board suitcase (450 points) - practical, made of carbon, on 4 wheels.

Kalendarz książkowy (20 pkt.) - zaplanuj swoje wakacje i inne przyjemności z kalendarzem Itaki.

Colouring book (20 pts) - inspiring colouring book for adults, and more. Embark on your own artistic journey around 30 exotic locations!

Hat (20 pts) - provides you with protection against the sun and comfort on hot days.

Speaker (40 pts) - unfolding, in the shape of a sphere, just plug it in for instance to your phone and you can listen to your favourite music.

Beach ball (40 pts) - an important element of holiday equipment. The whole family can take advantage while having fun on the beach.

Power bank (80 pts) - a discharged battery will never again be a problem!

Czapka zimowa (80 pkt.) - kolorowa, z grubym ściegiem, wewnątrz miękki polar stanowiący doskonałą ochronę przed zimnem. Idealna na stok i zimowe szaleństwo.

Sailing bag (100 pts) - thrown in all the necessary things, hang it over your shoulder and off you go! you can fold it and it will take up a minimum amount of space in your suitcase.

Headphones (100 pts) - designer, white with black and silver elements, they will make every trip interesting.

Selfie stick (100 pkt.) - z przyjaciółmi, rodziną czy samemu - perfekcyjne zdjęcie jest na wyciągnięcie ręki!

Beach mat (100 pts) - necessary for enthusiasts of sweet lazing around on the beach. The quintessence of lightness and comfort.

Toiletry bag (100 pts) - organises all the little trinkets, cosmetics, thanks to which you'll be able to find what you need every time.

Selfie stick (100 pts) - with friends, family or yourself - the perfect picture at your fingertips

Bum bag (100 pts) - with unfastening leash, ideal for your telephone, compact camera and necessary trinkets while travelling.

Torba w paski (200 pkt.) - pomieści wszystkie niezbędne rzeczy, możesz ją zabrać na plażę i na zakupy.

Backpack (250 pts) - perfect for every trip. It will prove useful in all conditions - during summer holidays, intensive sightseeing, on a mountain trail.

Bee headrest (250 points) - soft and comfortable, for children who like to sleep during a family trip to the unknown.

Owl blanket (250 points) - a perfect set: soft cushion which conceals a blanket! Ideal when traveling, great for watching cartoons on the couch.

Hedgehog (300 points) and Bee backpack (300 pts) - the cute “animal” look will win the heart of every kid! The backpack will become a beloved and irreplaceable part of every walk and trip.

Travel bag on wheels with a trunk (350 pts) - the perfect set for a weekend out of town, the gym, fitness.

Soft bathrobe (400 pts) - cuddles you in dreams, and when you return summons holiday memories.

Onboard soft suitcase (400 points) - full of dreams, where holiday memories can be packed once you leave. Material suitcase, red, on 2 wheels.

Onboard Sandy Beach suitcase (550 pts) - ideal companion for every trip! Colourful, crazy, holiday design will distinguish your suitcase from others. Polycarbonate (hard) suitcase, on 2 wheels.

Onboard luggage Wittchen (550 points) – they perfectly combine elegance, style and class with volume and functionality. Made from ABS plastic (hard), on 4 wheels.

Bon Wakacyjny (500 pkt.) - Bon Wakacyjny o wartości 50 PLN na imprezy z oferty Itaki.

Bon Wakacyjny (900 pkt.) - Bon Wakacyjny o wartości 100 PLN na imprezy z oferty Itaki.

Witchen suitcase (750 points) – along with the onboard suitcase they form a dream duo. Made from ABS plastic (hard), on 4 wheels.

Set of 3 Suitcases (1000 pts) - thanks to this set you can pack your whole family for a holiday.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The organizer of the Programme and sponsor of the prizes is Nowa Itaka Sp. z o.o. with its seat in Opole 45-072, ul. Reymonta 39, hereinafter referred to as Itaka Travel Agency.
  2. The programme is conducted on the territory of the Republic of Poland and is in force from 1 January 2005. It concerns all trips from the offer of Itaka Travel Agency, starting from the catalogue “Summer 2005”.
  3. In the Programme any adult physical person may participate, who makes a purchase of tourist services of Itaka Travel Agency from 2005 and registers using the form on the website
  4. The Participant of the Programme receives an individual account number.
  5. The Participant of the Programme collects points by purchasing tourist services in accordance with the information given by Itaka Travel Agency.
  6. Points are charged for every purchase of tourist services which constitute an offer of Itaka Travel Agency. The number of points obtained depends on the price of the purchased trip. 100 PLN equals one point.
  7. The current list of prizes is available at and in the customer zone at
  8. The presented prizes may vary in appearance from the image of prizes in reality.
  9. The offer is valid until stocks last.
  10. Any tax fees and taxes associated with exchanging points for prizes will be attributed to the Participant of the Programme.
  11. The Participant of the Programme realizes the authorizations arising from the accumulated points by placing an order via the customer zone After Verifying the Participant of the Programme, Itaka Travel Agency reduces the number of points collected by the Participant of the Programme by the points value of the prize chosen by Him/Her. The prize will be sent to the Participant of the Programme to the address indicated on the territory of the Republic of Poland via e-mail or courier company.
  12. Points can be used in a given year, when opting for the proposed prizes, or accumulated for subsequent years to collect a prize of a higher value at a later period.
  13. Points are added automatically upon returning from the tourist event only to the person for whom the booking was made, even if there is more than one person in the booking.
  14. Points are assigned to a specific person, for which the reservation was made. This person becomes a Participant of the Loyalty Programme. Points cannot be transferred to other people.
  15. The Participant of the Programme is obliged to report any reservations as to the number of points accumulated in the Programme within 14 days from the event which is the basis for changing the number of points. The number of points accumulated can be checked on the website:, by calling ph. (77) 5412268 and via e-mail:
  16. In the case of defects of prizes, claims must be reported within 14 days of receipt of the prize, by letter to the address of Itaka Travel Agency or via e-mail: Period of investigating complaints: 14 working days from the date of receipt.
  17. Upon the request of the Participant of the Programme, Itaka Travel Agency provides any information regarding the functioning of the Programme. The Participant of the Programme may submit questions or concerns regarding the Programme via e-mail:
  18. Itaka Travel Agency reserves the right to change the content of the Regulations and the catalogue of prizes. The Programme lasts for an indefinite period. Itaka Travel Agency reserves the right to end the Programme at any time.
  19. Persons involved in the Programme "Journey Come True" agree to place their personal data in the database of Itaka Travel Agency, as well as processing it for marketing purposes. They have the right to access their data and correct it. Providing personal data is voluntary.
  20. Group reservations are excluded from the loyalty programme.