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  • fascinating country full of contrasts, shrouded in a bit of mystery
  • monuments of architecture
  • Mediterranean climate, friendly and hospitable inhabitants
  • wonderful landscapes, pristine nature still in many places
  • delicious cooking
  • popular resorts
  • excellent cuisine and superb wines
  • balkan folklore and hospitality
  • competitive prices in shops and restaurants
  • gorgeous and unique landscape of Dalmatia: tall mountain ranges descending straight into the sea
  • wealth of countless historical sites from the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans, as well as the medieval Byzantines and Venetians
  • calm, blue sea on the background of a landscape full of untouched islands
  • one-off Balkan climate, characteristic of small towns
  • delicious cuisine being a mixture of Western European, Slavic and Mediterranean recipes
  • sun, beach, warm sea
  • divine island of Aphrodite
  • paradise for wind and kitesurfers
  • climatic restaurants with excellent food
Czech Republic
  • original architecture, castles and palaces
  • famous spas, health and beauty treatments
  • bicycle paths and walkways
  • excellent beer and local cuisine
  • many sports attractions
  • access by car
Dominican Republic
  • one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean
  • paradise on earth - beaches with white sand, blue sea and coconut palm trees
  • hospitable, full of energy and always smiling residents
  • wonderful exotic tastes: juicy fruit, fresh vegetables and excellent seafood
  • the capital of Santo Domingo with colonial buildings
  • only All Inclusive hotels
  • long, sandy beaches
  • wonderful coral reefs
  • kingdom of pharaohs and mysterious pyramids
  • sun, olives and zorba
  • cradle of culture, homeland of myths and the Olympics
  • beautiful, diverse beaches and blue sea
  • evergreen citrus groves and plantations of vines
  • ouzo and excellent Greek cuisine
  • Supra – a Georgian feast
  • wine from the endemic grafts of grapes
  • hospitality that surprises
  • Batumi – the most famous resort of the coast
  • beautiful, green surroundings, wonderful climate
  • white Caribbean beaches and magnificent coral islets
  • smiling residents dancing to the rhythm of the salsa
  • unique vibrant Havana atmosphere World class monuments entered onto the UNESCO list
  • the best cigars, famous all over the world
  • called the "garden of the Atlantic"
  • levadas in the laurel forests of Laurissilva
  • unique nature and hundreds of kilometers of walking trails
  • tropical fruit, vegetables and tasty local cuisine
  • unique Madeira wine, ponchos, evenings with fado and the Flower Festival
  • spectacular view from the second largest cliff of Europe
  • the exotic just 14 km from Europe
  • the golden beaches of Agadir and the majestic landscapes of the Atlas Mountains
  • Essaouira - a mecca for windsurfers and kitesurfers
  • the magic of colours, fragrances and oriental flavours
  • the mysterious Kasbah and snake charmers
  • mesmerizing Marrakech
  • close to 3000 km of fabulous sandy beaches
  • coral reef full of life, ideal conditions for watersports
  • exotic, varied landscapes, mysterious desert and green oases
  • Oriental architecture, Arab culture and rich tradition
  • UNESCO-listed monuments
  • long sandy beaches on the Pacific coast
  • magnificent nature, exotic toucans and hummingbirds
  • the famous Panama Canal
  • one of the largest "shortcuts" of the world
  • colourful, hand-embroidered molas
  • traditional rituals and lifestyle of Indians - developed hotel infrastructure
Porto Santo
  • beach paradise of Europe - sandy beach 9 km long!
  • active holiday thanks to watersports and excellent terrains for walking trips
  • local restaurants and bars serve delicious fish and local wine
  • cosy atmosphere, complete detachment from reality
  • neighbour of Madeira, which is only a 2.5h cruise away
  • 300 sunny days a year
  • wonderful beaches of Algarve
  • fresh fish and seafood cooked in countless ways
  • Porto, fado and azulejos
  • Lisbon, Sintra and Fatima
Sri Lanka
  • plantations of the famous Ceylon tea and cinnamon
  • golden beaches and lush, tropical vegetation
  • Kandy with the wonderful Buddhist temple
  • elephant orphanage in Pinnawala and the colonial buildings of Galle
  • dreamlike landscapes, beautiful white beaches and towering mogotes immersed in the azure sea
  • Thai cuisine surprising with diversity
  • fascinating monuments, Buddhist temples
  • excellent conditions for rock climbing and watersports
  • always hospitable and smiling inhabitants
  • beautiful, sandy beaches
  • numerous clubs and discos
  • famous "Star Wars" town
  • sensational expeditions to Sahara
  • broad all inclusive offer
  • beautiful beaches, excellent climate and weather
  • hotels ideal for family holidays
  • intense nightlife in bars and discos
  • famous Pamukkale, Cappadocia and Istanbul
Canary Islands
  • beaches of different colours
  • holiday climate all year round
  • paradise for watersports enthusiasts
  • continuous fiesta
  • 6 unique islands
Cape Verde Islands
  • turquoise sea and endless beaches on Sal island
  • one of the best places in the world for windsurfing and kitesurfing
  • original music - morna and excellent cooking
  • exotic landscapes and wonderful weather
  • sandy beaches
  • famous resorts
  • excellent cuisine with pizza and spaghetti, delicious wine and great coffee
  • numerous monuments and magnificent architecture
  • great fun guaranteed
  • white beaches with sand as soft as powder
  • Spice Island with an aroma of cloves, cinnamon and pepper
  • emerald ocean waters concealing colourful coral reefs
  • mix of cultures in Stone Town - a city full of mystery
  • wonderful climate and hospitable residents
United Arab Emirates
  • beautiful, sandy beaches that stretch out for many kilometers
  • futuristic buildings and the tallest building in the world
  • huge shopping centres with countless shops
  • golden sands of the desert and atmosphere like from the "Tales of 1001 Nights"
  • elegant and luxurious hotels