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Where to go on vacation?

  • fascinating country full of contrasts, shrouded in a bit of mystery
  • monuments of architecture
  • Mediterranean climate, friendly and hospitable inhabitants
  • wonderful landscapes, pristine nature still in many places
  • delicious cooking
  • ojczyzna walca, najlepsza w Europie kawa i słynny tort Sachera
  • cesarski Wiedeń i rozbrzmiewający muzyką Mozarta Salzburg
  • ośnieżone alpejskie szczyty i winnice doliny Dunaju
  • beautiful landscapes of evergreen mountains, volcanic craters and caves
  • the capital of Terceira - Angra do Heroismo is UNESCO-listed
  • excellent local wine from Biscoitos
  • charming towns with colonial architecture
  • an ideal spot for active relaxation: many trekking and bike routes

Beautiful, seductive, mesmerizing and magical. Located in the archipelago of the Sundanese Islands, between Java and Lombok island, it is different from other parts of Indonesia. Stunning landscapes and fascinating culture make it an ideal place to relax.

  • prawdziwy raj – plaże z drobnym piaskiem, lazurowy ocean i strzeliste palmy kokosowe
  • wspaniałe dziewicze zakątki na wschodzie wyspy
  • Bridgetown – tętniąca życiem stolica
  • świeże owoce morza, smażona ryba latająca i karaibski rum
  • królestwo samby i najsłynniejszego karnawału na świecie
  • kolonialne miasta i maleńkie wioski rybackie
  • słynne plaże: Co­pa­ca­ba­na i Ipa­ne­ma
  • tętniące życiem Rio de Janeiro i Sao Paulo
  • wspaniały wodospad Iguacu
Canary Islands
  • beaches of different colors
  • holiday climate all year round
  • a paradise for water sports enthusiasts
  • unremitting fiesta
  • 6 unique islands
Cape Verde Islands
  • turquoise sea and endless beaches on Sal island
  • one of the best places in the world for windsurfing and kitesurfing
  • original music - morna and excellent cooking
  • exotic landscapes and wonderful weather
  • crystal clear sea, unspoilt nature and wonderful scenery
  • richness of countless monuments and unique Balkan climate
  • Dubrovnik - the pearl of the Adriatic and Korcula - the Marco Polo Island - delicious cuisine and wine
  • an exotic island in the Caribbean
  • perfect conditions for diving
  • great climate all year round
  • beautiful Willemstad to explore
  • the homeland of the famous Curaçao liqueur
  • the divine island of Aphrodite
  • sun, beaches, warm sea
  • beautiful weather all year round
  • paradise for wind and kitesurfers
  • climatic restaurants with excellent food
Dominican Republic
  • paradise on earth - beaches with white sand, blue sea and coconut palm trees
  • hospitable, full of energy and always smiling inhabitants
  • wonderful exotic flavours: juicy fruits, fresh vegetables and excellent seafood
  • sun and the sounds of merengue
  • Santo Domingo capital with colonial buildings
  • all inclusive hotels only
  • long, sandy beaches
  • amazing coral reefs
  • the kingdom of pharaohs and mysterious pyramids
  • słynna paryska Wieża Eiffla, kabaret Moulin Rouge i pełen wrażeń Disneyland
  • lawendowe pola Prowansji i winnice Bordeaux
  • Lazurowe Wybrzeże pełne artystów i gwiazd filmowych
  • ojczyzna żabich udek i tradycyjnych crepes czyli naleśników francuskich
  • Supra – a Georgian feast
  • wine from the endemic grafts of grapes
  • hospitality that surprises
  • "Batumi, ech Batumi" – the Polish song and the most famous resort of the coast
  • beautiful, green surroundings, wonderful climate
Great Britain
  • czerwone budki telefoniczne, piętrowe autobusy i słynny londyński Big Ben
  • ojczyzna Sherlocka Holmesa i magia Harrego Pottera
  • intensywne życie nocne w modnych klubach i dyskotekach
  • światowej klasy galerie, muzea i pachnące  minionymi latami antykwariaty
  • czardasze, labirynty i źródła termalne
  • perła Dunaju – Budapeszt pełen urokliwych  placów, fontann i pomników
  • słynna gościnność mieszkańców, doskonałe wina i pikantny węgierski gulasz
  • fantastic safari, beautiful landscapes and wild animals
  • wonderful, white powder beaches
  • turquoise ocean waters
  • fantastic spots for diving and snorkelling
  • white, sandy, fairytale beaches
  • crystal-clear water of the Indian Ocean
  • the land of lemurs and huge baobabs
  • plantations of vanilla, savanna and sandy coasts with coral reef
  • plants and animals that cannot be found anywhere else in the world
  • called the "garden of the Atlantic"
  • levadas in the laurel forests of Laurissilva
  • unique nature and hundreds of kilometers of walking trails
  • tropical fruit, vegetables and tasty local cuisine
  • unique Madeira wine, ponchos, evenings with fado and the Flower Festival
  • spectacular view from the second largest cliff of Europe
  • the most beautiful beaches in the world
  • a true tropical paradise without the commercialism and crowds
  • one island - one hotel
  • luxury holiday
  • picturesque landscapes
  • śródziemnomorskie Hollywood
  • tajemnicze megalityczne świątynie w kształcie kręgów
  • Valletta wpisana na listę UNESCO
  • Mdina – miasto ciszy
  • malownicze klify Dingli i niesamowita Błękitna Grota
  • some of the most beautiful beaches in the world
  • beautiful, paradise landscapes
  • excellent conditions for watersports
  • great cuisine famous for its seafood
  • stunning coast of the Caribbean Sea with long, white beaches and turquoise water
  • impressive buildings of the mysterious Aztec and Mayan cultures
  • world-famous, aromatic cuisine and the best class of tequila
  • spectacular fiestas, traditional mariachi music
  • the third largest metropolis in the world - Mexico City
  • beautiful landscapes of the mountains descending directly to the sea - the longest beach in the Balkans
  • the still wild and unique nature
  • the picturesque Tary Canyon
  • gorica, monuments and pelicans
  • exoticism just 14 km away from Europe
  • golden beaches of Agadir and majestic landscapes of the gór Atlas Mountains
  • Essaouira - the Mecca of – wind and kitesurfers
  • magic of colors, fragrances and oriental flavors
  • mysterious caves and snake charmers
  • the hypnotizing Marrakesh
  • tulipany, chodaki i wiatraki
  • ponad 15.000 km dróg rowerowych – prawdziwy raj dla miłośników jednośladów
  • ojczyzna Rembrandta, Rubensa i Van Gogha
  • kosmopolityczny Amsterdam, nowoczesny Rotterdam i Haga - siedziba rodziny królewskiej
  • Gouda i Edam – miasta słynnych serów
  • close to 3000 km of fabulous sandy beaches
  • coral reef full of life, ideal conditions for watersports
  • exotic, varied landscapes, mysterious desert and green oases
  • Oriental architecture, Arab culture and rich tradition
  • UNESCO-listed monuments
  • hotele przy lotniskach
  • komfortowy odpoczynek przed i po podróży
  • unikatowe noclegi przy Parku Rozrywki Energylandia
  • znane i lubiane sieci hotelowe
  • 300 sunny days a year
  • wonderful beaches of Algarve
  • fresh fish and seafood prepared in countless ways
  • Porto, fado and azulejos
  • Lisbon, Sintra and Fatima
  • malownicze góry, kaniony i wodospady
  • twierdze i monastyry ukryte w lasach i dolinach
  • kosmopolityczny Belgrad i Nowy Sad zwany „serbskimi Atenami"
  • niezwykły dom na Drinie
  • doskonała kuchnia, wino i zabawy w prawdziwym, bałkańskim stylu

The archipelago of islands wonderfully located on the Indian Ocean is a dream come true of a trip to the postcard islands, where the ideal weather, white beaches framed by palm trees, the turquoise of the most beautiful and warmest Ocean in the world, unique landscapes and atmosphere, make up the taste of a holiday paradise, where on the most beautiful beaches on Earth you can soon forget about everyday life. Called the "Archipelago of love" it is a favorite destination for young lovers, who meet under the mysterious coco de mer.

  • błękitne morze, cudne jeziora i alpejskie szczyty
  • bajkowe zamki i słynne jaskinie
  • awangardowa Lublana pełna artystów, straganów ze starociami i bukinistów
  • doskonałe pączki krofi  i malica na ciepło
Spain (ski)
  • skiing terrains Sierra Nevada and La Molina
  • modern complexes, well-prepared ski runs, snow parks
  • sunny slopes, beautiful landscapes
  • Granada – the pearl of Andalusia
  • excellent, Spanish cooking
Sri Lanka
  • plantations of the famous Ceylon tea and cinnamon
  • golden beaches and lush, tropical vegetation
  • Kandy with the wonderful Buddhist temple
  • elephant orphanage in Pinnawala and the colonial buildings of Galle
  • dreamlike landscapes, beautiful white beaches and towering mogotes immersed in the azure sea
  • Thai cuisine surprising with diversity
  • fascinating monuments, Buddhist temples
  • excellent conditions for rock climbing and watersports
  • always hospitable and smiling inhabitants
  • broad all inclusive offer
  • beautiful beaches, excellent climate and weather
  • hotels ideal for family holidays
  • intense nightlife in bars and discos
  • famous Pamukkale, Cappadocia and Istanbul
  • beautiful, sandy beaches
  • numerous clubs and discos
  • famous "Star Wars" town
  • sensational expeditions to Sahara
United Arab Emirates
  • beautiful, sandy beaches that stretch out for many kilometers
  • futuristic buildings and the tallest building in the world
  • huge shopping centres with countless shops
  • golden sands of the desert and atmosphere like from the "Tales of 1001 Nights"
  • elegant and luxurious hotels
United States of America
  • Los Angeles with fabulous Disneyland, Hollywood and residences in Beverly Hills
  • land of buffaloes, mustangs and cowboys
  • breathtaking Grand Canyon of Colorado
  • Miami's paradise beaches
  • white beaches with sand as soft as powder
  • Spice Island with an aroma of cloves, cinnamon and pepper
  • emerald ocean waters concealing colourful coral reefs
  • mix of cultures in Stone Town - a city full of mystery
  • wonderful climate and hospitable residents