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Wakacje Florida

In brief

  • the sunniest state in the U.S.
  • Miami – American dream come true
  • the world's most famous beaches
  • visa-free holidays in the U.S.
  • Hollywood celebrities come to relax here!

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Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Marco Polo Beach Resort United States of America / Florida

-44% 2 014 Gbp
1 118Gbp
  • basen z widokiem na morze
  • tuż przy piaszczystej plaży
  • wygodne pokoje
  • miła obsługa
  • Nowość w ofercie

Urbanica Euclid Hotel United States of America / Florida

-58% 2 931 Gbp
1 215Gbp
  • położony w spokojnej, ekskluzywnej okolicy
  • butikowy i nowoczesny
  • świetnie urządzone pokoje z dużymi balkonami
  • sympatyczna obsługa
  • Nowość w ofercie

Hotel Pestana Miami South Beach United States of America / Florida

-34% 2 069 Gbp
1 346Gbp
  • stylowe wnętrza
  • basen z tarasem do opalania
  • wypożyczalnia rowerów
  • blisko lokalnych atrakcji
  • Nowość w ofercie

AxelBeach Miami South Beach United States of America / Florida

-32% 2 220 Gbp
1 501Gbp
  • tylko dla dorosłych (18+)
  • niedaleko centrum Miami Beach
  • blisko plaży
  • komfortowe pokoje
  • przyjazny społeczności LGBTIQ
  • Nowość w ofercie

Hotel Holiday Inn Miami Beach-Oceanfront United States of America / Florida

-43% 2 715 Gbp
1 538Gbp
  • tuż przy słynnej plaży Miami Beach
  • baza wypadowa do zwiedzania miejscowych atrakcji
  • komfortowe pokoje
  • sympatyczna obsługa
  • Nowość w ofercie

National Hotel Miami Beach An Adult Only Oceanfront Resort United States of America / Florida

-22% 2 208 Gbp
1 710Gbp
  • tylko dla dorosłych (21+)
  • eleganckie i nowoczesne wnętrza
  • przy ciągnącej się kilometrami plaży
  • długi basen
  • Nowość w ofercie

The Mimosa Hotel United States of America / Florida

-25% 2 337 Gbp
1 741Gbp
  • butikowy i kameralny
  • basen na tarasie z widokiem na morze
  • tuż przy słynnej plaży Miami Beach
  • nowoczesne i stylowe wnętrza
  • Nowość w ofercie

Solé Miami, A Noble House Resort United States of America / Florida

-8% 2 132 Gbp
1 947Gbp
  • basen z widokiem na ocean
  • prywatna plaża przy hotelu
  • wygodne pokoje
  • niedaleko centrum Sunny Isles Beach
  • Nowość w ofercie

Beachwalk by Elite Hotels and Resorts United States of America / Florida

-22% 2 658 Gbp
2 051Gbp
  • przy akwenie Intracoastal Waterway
  • dizajnerskie wnętrza
  • przestronne pokoje i apartamenty
  • basen na tarasie
  • Nowość w ofercie

Hotel Winter Haven, Autograph Collection United States of America / Florida

-19% 2 652 Gbp
2 136Gbp
  • położony przy Lummus Park i plaży
  • niedaleko centrum Miami Beach
  • restauracja włoska i 2 bary
  • baza wypadowa do zwiedzania
  • Nowość w ofercie

Hotel The Confidante Miami Beach United States of America / Florida

2 173Gbp
  • tuż przy słynnej plaży Miami Beach
  • 2 baseny
  • dizajnerskie wnętrza
  • miła i pomocna obsługa
  • Nowość w ofercie

Luxury yachts, residences of millionaires, skyscrapers, XXL beaches and summer all year round. Make your American dream come true and fly to Miami – the Magic City in the Sunshine State. For the first time with ITAKA, directly to Miami, Florida without visas.

SUNSHINE STATE American style holiday? Discover Florida, called the Gateway to the Caribbean. Its symbol is the orange blossom, and each place is less than 100 km away from the sea. We all know it, at least heard about it: the world's most famous Walt Disney World Resort, Cape Canaveral, the world's most famous spaceport, Florida Keys with the most famous Key West Island where Ernest Hemingway lived and worked, and of course Miami with the world's most famous beaches.

WELCOME TO MIAMI The ringing name comes from the word "mayami" from the Tequesta Indian dialect, which means sweet water. Here, "cold" means 20°C +, therefore the wonderful beaches attract the sun-seekers like a magnet all year round, and the skyscrapers of the business district contrast with the colorful art dèco buildings. Miami is called the capital of Latin America and is actually closer to Havana than to the state capital. Its unique atmosphere is created by the Caribbean ease, Latin American temperament, hipster atmosphere and great fortunes.

A WALK WITH THE STARS What comes to our minds first when we think of Miami? “Miami Vice”, of course, the cult TV series from the 80s. This vibrant city has played in countless film productions. "Scarface" with Al Pacino, "Bodyguard" with Kevin Costner, "Dexter", one of the 007 series – "Casino Royale" with Daniel Craig as James Bond is only a fraction of the city's acting career. When walking through Miami don't get surprised when you'll meet a world-famous star face-to-face!

SOBE OCEAN DRIVE These are the icons and quintessence of Miami. Ocean Drive is a famous promenade running along the cult South Beach (SoBe) – beach and district. An unforgettable view is the Atlantic Ocean, the beach and the characteristic colorful lifeguard booths, which have grown to become another symbol of the city. SoBe is an entertaining place, teeming-with-life from dusk, it is a meeting point for people from all over the world who come here to take part in the endless fun. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, clubs, with beautifully renovated art dèco buildings and fantastic shops.

TASTE THE FLORIBBEAN! This is a specific cuisine which is an unusual combination of all cuisines of the world with a strong Caribbean accent. From big hamburgers to sophisticated Cuban dishes as tasty as in Havana. Haitians, Jamaicans and Peruvians have also brought "their" food here Europe is represented by Italy, Spain, France and Germany. Café Cubano – a sweet and very strong variety of espresso is available everywhere.

CARNIVAL FUN The favorite way of Floridians and tourists for full relaxation and total carelessness are cruises. Miami is one of the world's largest port for cruise ships. The most popular routes lead to the Bahamas, the Caribbean and Mexico. Unique world-famous places and beautiful views are not everything. During the day you can go sight-seeing, and in the evening the carnival of attractions begins. It is on board of the ships of the prestigious American Carnival Cruise line where you will feel all the joy of a sea voyage.

LITTLE HAVANA AND STREET ART One of the most climatic districts in Miami. For decades, Cuban emigrants have been arriving here from Cuba, fate of which is intertwined with the history of Florida. People here speak Spanish and the locals cultivate Cuban customs. Due to the unique color of Little Havana the number of clubs and discos is constantly growing. The Art District Wynwood Walls is also full of color, dizzying with expressive graffiti in vivid colors created by the most famous Street Art creators.

PARKS AND PELICANS Miami has over 800 parks, magnificent gardens and thousands of spectacular palm trees. It is located between two national parks: Biscayne National Park and Everglades National Park. The first one includes mangrove forests and the Biscayne Bay with its coral reef, a great place for diving. Everglades has wild, subtropical nature, fantastic hiking trails and thousands of alligators. There are also 350 species of birds, including ubiquitous pelicans, which can often be found at the beaches.

RICHLY Miami has always attracted big money, artists, models and now also celebrities. The richest and most famous people live in fabulous residences, and the scale of their estates can often be seen only when passing by on a boat. Here, it is not the car but the yacht that sets your status. In exclusive marinas you can find modern, luxurious yachts, but you better not guess their prices.

Time: the continental United States include 4 time zones; the time ranges from UTC-5 in the east to UTC-8 in the west in winter and from UTC-4 to UTC-7 in summer. New York: Polish time minus 6h. Las Vegas: Polish time minus 9h. San Francisco: Polish time minus 9h. New Orleans: Polish time minus 7h. Miami: Polish time minus 6h. Time and date format: example 17.15 - 5:15 PM, 22 January 2020 - 01/22/20

Language: English

Visas: Poland was formally included in the Visa Waiver Program. Polish citizens can use the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). Detailed information is available on the website:

Currency: US Dollar (USD)

Electrical sockets: type A and B, voltage 120V; adapter required

Prices: in restaurants and cafes: coffee from 3 USD, takeaway sandwich from 4 USD, small pizza from 5 USD, meal in a fast food restaurant from 6 USD, main course from 11 USD, beer from 5 USD, drink/cocktail/aperitif from 6 USD, full dinner in a good restaurant from 25 USD. In supermarkets: bread roll from 0.40 USD, water (1.5 l) from 1.40 USD, juice (1 l) from 2 USD, milk (1 l) from 1.60 USD, beer (0.33 l) from 1.50 USD, cheese (100 g) from 3 USD, ham (100 g) from 1 USD Postage stamp for a card to Poland costs 1.10 USD. In all shops and restaurants (unless otherwise specified in the menu), local taxes must be added to the given prices. Each state charges a different level of tax. In Florida, you should add 7% to the shop prices. For example: the tag price of a T-shirt in a shop is 10 USD, and after adding tax, the amount to be paid at the checkout is 10.70 USD.

Credit cards: one of the most popular means of payment in hotels and restaurants is a credit card, without which it can be difficult to, for example, rent a car, shop online or book a place in a restaurant. Some hotels may ask you to provide your credit card details at the check in. A deposit of 50 to 200 USD for hotel expenses might be kept.

Tipping: in the United States, additional gratification is a common practice. For example in restaurants the tip is 15% of the meal price. Depending on the restaurant, it may already be included in the price of a meal; the information is given in the menu. In hotels, the usual tip for the staff is 1 USD (e.g. for help with bringing a suitcase, taking a car to the parking lot, etc.).

Accommodation in Miami: accommodation in a hotel requires at least one person to be not less than 21 years of age (not applicable to Generator Miami hotel). A compulsory resort fee is also required, which covers, among other things, wireless Internet access and beach service.

Shopping and souvenirs: you can bring interesting souvenirs from every region of the USA. For the gourmets of good wine we recommend wine produced in Washington and California. Lovers of sweets will be interested in Ghirardelli or Hershey's chocolates, and book lovers will find beautifully published albums in bookstores. In the USA, electronic equipment is relatively cheap. You can also buy clothes, cosmetics, underwear, leather goods and sports equipment at very attractive prices. Items of world-renowned brands can be bought at much lower prices than in Europe. Alcohol is available to persons over 21 years of age. The consumption and possession of alcohol below this age is severely punished, including arrest and prosecution of illegal possession and consumption.

Units of measurement: 1 pound – 0.45 kg 1 mile – 1.609 km 1 gallon – 3.785 l

What is worth eating: contrary to popular belief, US cuisine is very diverse and tasty. However, the most popular are definitely chain restaurants. Cuban and Caribbean cuisine, fish and seafood are very popular, especially in Florida. You should certainly try the excellent street food, hamburgers and hot dogs. In addition, we recommend: T-bone Steak in New York, New York Cream Cheesecake, Pastrami Bagel, preferably in New York's Katz's Delicatessen, Clam Chowder in Boston, Fish and seafood in Florida, Jambalaya in New Orleans, Crab Cake – cakes with crab meat, Chocolate Brownie, Apple pie


You can always find up to date information about security in this country on your Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.