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  1. Are prices on the website total? Do they concern 1 person?
    Yes, all prices provided on the website are complete and take into account any discounts. The price provided concerns 1 person. Clicking the icon: (icon) lets you see the price for a given configuration of people.
  2. Does the price include transport from the airport to the hotel?
    Yes, the price given includes transport from the airport  to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport.
  3. Does the price include insurance?
    Yes, the price includes the basic insurance Itaka Simple. Extending insurance to Itaka Complex or Itaka Complex Plus is possible when making a reservation. You can find the insurance terms on the website:
  4. How long is a hotel day?
    A hotel day, and therefore hotel benefits (e.g. board), in all hotels and apartments ends at 10.00, and begins at 14.00-15.00. In the case of night flights, Customers are checked in right after arriving at the hotel, which means that the hotel day counts from 14.00-15.00 on the day before departure.
  5. When should I leave the hotel room?
    Rooms should be left until 10.00 or 12.00 on the check-out day, regardless of the check-in time and late flight departure. Customers  mostly get a room for storing their luggage and may use the infrastructure of the hotel, as well as all the attractions on site.
  6. How are the days presented on the website counted?
    Presentation of days on the website covers the entire duration of the tourist event. It begins at assembly (at the airport - 2h before scheduled departure of the flight - or at the place of boarding the coach), and ends at arrival to the country and the Customer leaving the plane/coach. 
    In the case of weekly trips, we guarantee 7, 2-week - 14 nights.
  7. How can I reserve a trip?
    Holidays can be reserved via the Internet (reservation 100% online), telephone (Hotline), as well as sales agencies. The full list of sales products can be found on the website:
  8. What does the passport - ticket clearance look like?

1) Tickets
To collect tickets you should see Itaka's representative (a station is located at the airport and is marked),  with a prepared confirmation of reservation.
Along with named tickets (obligatory also on return) luggage tags are issued, which should be filled in before going to the luggage clearance station.
In the case of no-ticket check-in (for passengers of Travel Service), you should immediately go to check-in only with your personal ID or passport.
2) Check-in
The station where check-in will take place shall be indicated by Itaka's representative (upon ticket collection). This information can also be found on the departures board.
Before going to the check-in station, you should prepare your passport or personal ID and tickets. Then, after checking in the luggage, the passenger will receive a boarding pass (together with the seat no. on the plane), as well as the gate number for security clearance.
3) Security clearance
The passenger should go through security clearance with hand luggage, boarding pass and passport or ID no later than 45 minutes before departure.
Before passing the safety gate, all objects with metal elements (belts with buckles, watches, mobile phones, etc.) should be placed into a basket placed on the tape. Hand luggage and coats will also be x-rayed.
4) Passport clearance
After checking passport or ID in the check-in window, the passenger goes to the departure hall.
5) Boarding
Until being called for boarding, the passenger waits in the departure hall (customs-free zone). Upon the announcement and display on the monitor, along with the boarding pass and ID document (passport or personal identification card), you should head towards the proper exit, then to the bus or directly on board the plane.
You can also find this information in the Customers' Zone

  1. How and when do I receive documents necessary for departure?
    The Customer may print out the travel documents at any time after signing into They will be provided at the sales agency upon payment.
  2. Where is the check-in counter?
    Information on where check-in will take place shall be displayed on the departures board.  You should then go to security clearance and passport clearance.
  3. At what time should I be at the airport?
    You should arrive at the airport 2 hours before the scheduled time of departure.
  4. Can I reserve a seat on the plane?
    Currently it is not possible to make a seat reservation on the plane.
  5. Can flight times change?
    Yes, the flight time may change. The flight schedule should be confirmed 24 hours before the scheduled time of departure. This can be done at or by contacting a representative of the agency.
  6. Can I take sport equipment or a domestic pet with me?
    Yes, however the terms of transporting sport equipment or domestic pets should be verified with the carrier (chosen information available also on the website: In the case of domestic pets, you should also check whether the chosen hotel accepts and welcomes animals.
  7. Can a pregnant woman travel by plane? What documents should she have?
    Yes, if the pregnancy is without complications. The safest trimester for plane travel is considered to be the 2nd trimester (14-27 weeks), however, most airlines allow travelling until the 36th week. However, you should check what rules apply with a given carrier before departure. A pregnant woman should have with her a doctor's certificate that she can travel by plane. It is recommended that the flight not be longer than 3-4 hours.
  8. How can I submit a claim?

If the participant claims faults of the event, he/she should submit a claim to the pilot or local representative of the travel agency in order to remove the fault on site. The period for considering claims is 30 days from the date of completing the tourist event, and in the case of reporting said claim upon completion of the tourist event 30 days from its submission (receipt date to the agency applies). The bases for a claim cannot be circumstances for which the travel agency is not responsible.  Searching for forgotten belongings should be begun immediately upon return. The travel agency has the right to collect a fee to cover the costs of searching for forgotten belongings. This fee is subject to payment regardless of whether the forgotten objects is found. All claims (along with the copy of the travel document) should be submitted within 30 days of completion of the event in written form via registered letter, to the address:

Customer Service Department

Nowa Itaka Sp. z o.o.

ul. Reymonta 39
45-072 Opole

tel. 775412269

  1. How can I change or cancel a reservation?
    In order to change or cancel a reservation it is best to contact the Customer Service Department.
  2. What does lowest price guaranteed mean?
    Lowest price guaranteed - we guarantee the right to the lowest price in the promotion Dreams at the Price of Fulfillment! If after making a reservation you find an identical offer at a better price under the promotion Dreams at the Price of Fulfillment, we will be happy to return the difference. Lowest Price Guaranteed does not entitle to change to Last Minutes prices or prices in promotions other than those mentioned here. When comparing prices, the value of all benefits is taken into account, also benefits added gratis in some promotional periods, like local excursions, price unchangeability guarantee, etc.
  3. Can the price of the event change?
    Prices of events change above all due to promotions, by which they are covered.
    The price of an event, after reservation, may change only due to the changes in currency exchange, costs of transport or airport fees, port fees, etc.
    If  you have Price Unchangeability Guarantee – the price of the reserved trip shall not be changed until the date of departure.
  4. How can I realise Itaka's Holiday Voucher?
    Itaka's Holiday Voucher can be realised at sales agencies indicated on the Voucher and on the website