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Conditions of cooperation

Conditions of cooperation

How to become a partner of ITAKA Travel Agency?

We want Clients to feel comfortable and exceptional in each of our stores - company stores established on franchising principles must meet specific requirements.

Premises - requirements:

  • standalone, area min. 25 m2
  • direct access from a frequented street or passageway
  • large shop window
  • a high speed Internet connection and telephone solution enabling to conduct at least two conversations simultaneously (e.g. two telephone lines, ISDN, VoIP)

The premises must be approved by ITAKA


The franchise agreement is secured by a promissory note in the amount agreed upon with ITAKA. We also allow other forms of security (to be agreed upon depending on the location and the planned sale).


Based on the submitted dimensions, we prepare a design of a highlighted advertising light box and a visualization of the shop window. After accepting the light box costs, we pay back 50% of the amount incurred for its manufacture and assembly. Offers must be displayed in the shop window only in special boxes, on ITAKA company letterhead, and in accordance with the guidelines.

Walls, decor, furniture, company outfit:

In accordance with the guidelines in the appendix.