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Wakacje Tuscany

In brief

  • elegant Riviera della Versilia
  • Etruscan Coast and mysterious past
  • the magical, luxurious Elba
  • the most famous cities of art
  • small towns in the hills

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Italia Family Camping Village Viareggio Italy / Tuscany

-9% 308 Gbp
  • polecany dla rodzin z dziećmi
  • bogaty program animacji dla całej rodziny
  • przestronne domki z aneksami kuchennymi
  • 2 baseny
  • piaszczysta plaża
  • New prices

One-of-a-kind, unique, charming with towns in the hills, rows of cypresses and amazing light emphasizing her beauty. Perpetuated for centuries by artists. Tuscany is also a beautiful coastline with the famous Riviera della Versilia and beaches with views of the Apuan Alps, Etruscan Coast with souvenir of the mysterious former inhabitants, as well as the magical Elba, one of the most luxurious Italian islands.

Visitor's tax: obligatory fee collected upon check-in: approx. 3-4.5 EUR//day/adult and children over 12 y.o.; campsites: approx. 2 EUR/day/person.

Beaches: public, beach service (umbrella + 2 sunbeds): from approx. 15 EUR/day to even 50 EUR and more, prices vary depending on the swimming area and distance from the sea.


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