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North Macedonia

Wakacje North Macedonia

In brief

  • magnificent nature, colorful culture and Balkan hospitality
  • Ohrid with its magnificent Orthodox church on a cliff
  • Lake Ohrid - the Macedonian "sea"
  • Skopje - a blend of orient and modernity
  • a paradise for enthusiasts of hiking, water sports and paragliding
  • local delicacies: tavce gravce and trileche

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Macedonia - holiday in the heart of the Balkans
Situated in the heart of the Balkans, Macedonia is a country of colorful culture and rich history. Cross its hospitable thresholds, be enthralled by the beautiful views, green mountains and blue waters of Lake Ohrid!

Ohrid - the pearl of Macedonia
Ohrid - a UNESCO-listed city with a lake, mountains, a beautiful old town, narrow streets and plenty of historical monuments is a real treasure and the summer capital of Macedonia. Numerous beaches and the vastness of Lake Ohrid make you feel like you are by the sea. The city is dominated by the walls of Samuel's Fortress, where the towers offer an incredible view of the city and the lake. A beautiful old town, lots of interesting sights and very nice and friendly people guarantee that your holiday in this Balkan region will remain in your memory.

Orthodox church on a cliff
The symbol of Ohrid, and for many the symbol of the entire Balkans is the Church of St. John at Kaneo. Set against a mountainous green landscape, it proudly stands on the cliff edge and adorns most postcards from Macedonia. Going down the path you can reach the church of St. Pantaleimon with the adjoining archeological excavations.

Lake Ohrid - the Macedonian "sea"
There are tens of lakes in Macedonia, but the oldest and most beautiful of them is Lake Ohrid, through which runs the Macedonian-Albanian border. The warm, clear and enormous lake attracts the admirers of "fresh water" vacationing every year, in exceptional circumstances of nature. The lake is so big that the Macedonians themselves call it a "sea".

Not only for divers
Lake Ohrid is also a great place to dive. Underwater archaeological sites and the unusual underwater scenery will delight even the most discerning divers. Anglers will not be disappointed as well - fishing is a very popular recreational sport here. Macedonia is also a paradise for paragliders - the mountains are suitable for takeoff, the valleys and lowlands in turn - for safe landing. The amazing landscapes provide maximum airborne experience. The beautiful, mountainous country is undoubtedly a treat for admirers of hiking and mountain biking, especially in the Mavrovo National Park. Matka Canyon, Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa are in turn the perfect choice for canoeing. One thing is for sure, lovers of active leisure will certainly find things to do in Macedonia.

Skopje - a mixture of the Orient and modernity
Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, is a city of two worlds - separated by the river Wardar with a beautiful stone bridge, on one hand modern and noisy, on the other, oriental, full of atmospheric alleys. At every step you can find traces of past years and interesting history. The two places that you must visit in Skopje are the Old Market - a colorful market with a typical Balkan climate and the Muslim district, which resembles Turkey's Istanbul.

Tavce gravce and cuisine like wine
It is said that Macedonian cuisine is like the local wine: hearty, varied, expressive yet simple. Regional dishes include: pastrmalija - an oval cake, called the Macedonian pizza, tavce gravce - a dish made of beans, peppers and onions, in which the spices play the key role, Turkish, Greek, Hungarian or Bulgarian influences can also be seen - you can enjoy delicious mousaka, kofta - i.e. grilled meat skewers, stuffed tomatoes and peppers, Shopska salad, and for dessert you can drink Turkish coffee and eat the sweet baklava.

Did you know that...

  • "Ohrid Pearls" - are made of plasica fish scales, found only in Lake Ohrid,
  • it is best to admire the sunset standing next to the Church of St. John at Kaneo
  • Museum on water - is a reconstruction of a settlement set up on water in the Bronze Age, which can be visited south of Ohrid
  • Macedonia is 12 times smaller than Poland
  • The Nobel Peace Prize winner - Mother Teresa of Calcutta - was born in Skopje

Pilot: tourists are under the telephone care of a resident in Albania, whose tasks include help upon arrival and departure.

Visas: not required. Passport/ID must be valid a minimum of 6 months from the date of return to Poland.

Flight duration: Poland – Tirana: approx. 2 h

Local time: GMT+1.

Language: Macedonian, communication in English also possible.

Currency: Macedonian denar (MKD); 1 EUR = 60 MKD.

Voltage: 230 V.

Prices in hotels and restaurants: lunch – approx. 300 MKD, beer – approx. 80 MKD, mineral water – approx. 30 MKD, coffee – approx. 60 MKD, wine – approx. 120 MKD.

Car rental: from approx. 45 EUR/day; petrol - approx. 65 MKD/litre.

Transport: taxi approx. 0.5 It is recommended to use marked taxis.

Beaches: free entry; renting sunbed with umbrella approx. 2.5 EUR (a set of 2 sunbeds and an umbrella).

Local trips: organized by local tourist agencies on terms specified by them. There is a possibility that, if there is not enough participants, a trip may be canceled.

Information for travelers arriving in Macedonia with children up to 18 years of age: in the case of traveling with only one of the parents / legal guardians, a written parental / legal guardian's written consent may be required to cross the national border (notarized, translated into English). The condition of exemption from having to possess a written consent of the other parent / guardian is having exclusive parental rights (a valid Family Court judgment is required, translated into English) or the death of the other parent / legal guardian (death certificate in English required).

Always up-to-date information on the state of the safety in a given country: can be found on the website > consular information> warnings for travelers:


You can always find up to date information about security in this country on your Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.