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ITAKA – number 1

ITAKA – number 1

32 biggest tour operators in Poland. Economic criteria. A ranking created to indicate the best. So who can we trust? ITAKA comes first once again in the latest rating of “Rzeczpospolita”!

Tourists pondering about who to entrust the organization of their holiday have more and more tools to make the best choice. One of them are periodical ratings published by "Rzeczpospolita". The criteria adopted in them, based mainly on economics, ensure the reliability of the data and information presented. Whoever monitors them closely can also form an opinion about the condition of a given tour operator over a few months, season or even years. In each of these rankings, ITAKA tour operator can boast a stable, high position and assessment. Also in the most recent - from 2015, it came in first place. The leader of the Polish tourist industry owes such excellent effects, among others, thanks to dynamic development, high quality of offered services and regularly earned positive financial result. All this causes that we can consistently guarantee our Customers not only successful, but also safe holidays!


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