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Wakacje Mykonos

In brief

  • a vibrant island
  • celebrity holiday destination
  • some of the best beaches in all of Greece
  • distinctive for the island: charming white buildings and windmills
  • "Little Venice", one of the most beautiful places on the island

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Holidays (9)

Peter's Studios Mykonos

  • close to a sandy beach
  • intimate, only 14 rooms
  • close to the bustling Mykonos
  • air-conditioned rooms with kitchenettes

Hotel Giannoulaki Delian Collection Mykonos

  • intimate, perfect for romantic holidays
  • a wellmaintained swimming pool with a view of the surroundings
  • within walking distance from the vibrant capital of Mykonos
  • spacious, comfortable rooms
  • tasty, local cuisine

Mykonos No5 Suites & Villas Mykonos

  • in a beautiful setting
  • restaurant and terrace bar
  • rooftop swimming pool
  • stylish rooms

Hotel Myconian Avaton Resort Mykonos

  • perfect for couples
  • romantic and party Mykonos
  • infinity type swimming pool
  • luxurious and stylish interiors
  • picturesque location
  • spa and room with Jacuzzi
  • car rental possible

Royal Myconian Resort & Villas Mykonos

  • bezpośrednio przy piaszczystej plaży
  • basen z widokiem na morze
  • znakomita kuchnia grecka i międzynarodowa
  • stylowe i luksusowe wnętrza
  • Nowość w ofercie

Hotel Myconian Imperial Resort Mykonos

  • perfect for a romantic holiday
  • scenic views
  • by one of the most beautiful beaches on the island
  • stylish, designer interiors
  • excellent cuisine

Myconian Utopia Resort Mykonos

  • blisko piaszczystej plaży
  • basen infinity
  • stylowe pokoje z widokiem na morze
  • kuchnia grecka i śródziemnomorska

Asty Mykonos Hotel & Spa Mykonos

  • luxurious and elegant interiors
  • close to the center of Mykonos and the beach
  • roof terrace with a swimming pool and sea view
  • intimate, only 35 rooms

Kouros Hotel & Suites Mykonos

1 051Gbp
  • perfect for a romantic holiday
  • intimate and stylish
  • picturesque location on a hill
  • all rooms overlooking the sea

A vibrant, luxurious and charming island in the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. A place loved by celebrities and party goers, beaches admired by tourists, Greece in its most enchanting form! Cosmopolitan, trendy, attractive - this is Mykonos.

An island that never sleeps. Extremely picturesque by day and a true Party Island by night. Mykonos has many ways to charm both long before sunset and after darkness falls. This little, bustling island called "Greek Ibiza” is a dream come true for those who want to spend their holidays on endless fun. "Morning coffee" at noon is nothing unusual here. Stylish clubs, exclusive bars, numerous restaurants and taverns attract crowds of party goers from all over the world.

The beaches of Mykonos are great for relaxing, but not all day long. Colourful drinks, DJs, dancing people and celebrities who love Mykonos appear on the beautiful beaches early in the afternoon. Here DJs play even in the supermarket! Mykonos is therefore a party at every turn. The island that is noisy at night calms down in the morning. That is when the beaches are less crowded and the golden sands, the calm Aegean Sea and the charming white cottages in the background create a lovely setting for blissful relaxation – especially after a night of madness. Ornos, Platis Gialos, Agios Sostis, Korfos, Elia Beach, Psarou Beach or the most popular Paradise and Super Paradise, are just a few of the beaches of Mykonos – they are some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. This is where young people, surfers, nudists, tourists looking for entertainment and luxury will find their place. Because of the friendly attitude of hoteliers, beaches and clubs with diversified clientele, Mykonos is also very popular in LGBT environments.

Fame, luxury and celebrity frenzy. Where there are celebrities, there are also paparazzi, who have a lot of work to do here, considering the number of millionaires, models, music, film and sport stars coming here. It is said that this celebrity craze began with a visit by Jackie Kennedy, who came here in the 1960s. The marinas are full of luxurious yachts and the streets of the shops of prestigious brands and taverns doing their best to attract guests.

What's worth visiting here? Among the symbols of Mykonos one should mention not only celebrities, party night life or beautiful beaches, but also people-friendly pelicans and windmills. Mykonos is called the "island of the winds" because of the wind, which significantly relieves the temperature here. The 16th century windmills that stand majestically on the seashore make an incredible impression – an obligatory location for commemorative photos. Opposite the windmills is the so-called Little Venice with its charming, colourful buildings - one of the most beautiful places on Mykonos. Also worth visiting is the Panagia Paraportiani Church, the 13th century town hall and the oldest folklore museum in Greece.

A fairytale island. In ancient times, Mykonos was an agricultural island, but for decades the main role here has been played by the reputation of the island, which is particularly popular with celebrities. But this is not the most important thing, as even without these stars Mykonos would still have its unforgettable charm. A fairytale landscape with whitewashed limestone houses, winding narrow streets, sandy beaches and stunning azure water are also what makes this fantastic island so famous. Don't pretend that you don't know anything about it - you'll learn everything here... during holidays with ITAKA.

ITAKA Travel Expert
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Arrival and transfer to the hotel
At the airport in the destination country, an ITAKA representative will be waiting for you, who, after a welcome, will indicate the reserved transfer (bus, minibus or car) that will take you to the hotel where you will spend your holiday. The waiting time for the transfer may be up to approx. 1 hour. The transfer takes tourists to a maximum of 5 hotels. Upon arrival, the driver informs about the name of the hotel and helps with unloading luggage. Information about the return transfer from the hotel to the airport is available in the ITAKA application and will also be sent in an SMS or email message.

Optional trips
We invite you to participate in optional trips, which are a great addition to a successful holiday. You can book optional trips:
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- on holiday: by contacting the ITAKA Travel Experts helpline, on the Seeplaces website, or in the ITAKA mobile application.
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Flight time: Poland-Mykonos - approx. 5 hours (with a stopover in Athens).

Local time: Polish time plus 1 hour.

Language: Greek; you can also communicate in English, French, and German.

Currency: euro (EUR).

Voltage: 220 V.

Prices in a tavern: dinner - from 12 EUR, Greek salad from 6 EUR, drink - from 2 EUR, coffee - from 2 EUR, beer - from 3.5 EUR, wine - from 4 EUR/0.5 l.

Communication: buses reach every town in Mykonos, ticket price from 2 EUR.

Car rental: from approx. 50 EUR/day, gasoline - approx. 1.7 EUR; an international driving license is recommended, and it is advisable to use services of reputable car rentals.

Beaches: admission is free; renting a sunbed with an umbrella - from approx. 30 EUR/day in the further rows; a set in the first coastline approx. 100-150 EUR or more, depending on the beach and month of stay.

Mandatory tourist tax: Guests are subject to a mandatory tourist tax of: 0.25-4 EUR/day/room, depending on the hotel category; the fee has been collected since January 1st, 2018 and is payable on-site at the hotel.


  • 1* and 2* - 0.5 EUR/day
  • 3* - 1.5 EUR/day
  • 4* - 3 EUR/day
  • 5* - 4 EUR/day


  • 0.5 EUR/day applies to all apartments

Local excursions: are organized by local tourist agencies under conditions specified by them. There is a possibility of not organizing a tour due to a small number of participants.

You can always find up to date information about security in this country on your Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.


Local excursions are organized by local travel agencies under the conditions fixed by them. It's possible to disorganize trips due to low number of applicants.


Local excursions are organized by local travel agencies under the conditions fixed by them. It's possible to disorganize trips due to low number of applicants.